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About Give & Take
Arlington Place Pictures LLC  Dramatic Solutions  & NDstudios present 
this coming of age comedy set in the truly bizarre worlds of community theatre and theme parks shot entirely in Buffalo NY over a period of 18 shoot days with a production staff and crew of 25 and a cast of nearly 120 actors. 

Written by Gail Golden, directed by filmmaker Scott Andrew Kurchak and shot by cinematographer Matthew Nardone, we are pleased to boast that we have brought in our production of “Give & Take “ on time and on budget !​
Our Fantastic Production Team
Pam making Bonnie look "In The Family Way"
Behind The Scenes 


Ellie is an idealistic, young actress living in NYC. She’s a very giving person, so when her husband, Mitchell, gets a job offer back home in Buffalo, Ellie reluctantly agrees to the move.

Mitchell loves Buffalo, so Ellie looks for happiness there, too. She joins a little theatre company and, unwittingly, winds up emotionally involved with the director, James. 

Ellie just keeps on giving and others keep on taking! James casts Ellie in a theme park show ( at our fictitious theme park "Candy Island" ) and tells her it will be lots of fun, and she’ll get to do it eight times a day! He neglects to mention the grueling physical challenges involved. The show finally puts Ellie over the edge and, at last, she learns to take care of herself. She returns to Mitchell, but on her own terms this time.