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Character               Actor

ELLIE MAISEL – Bonnie Jean Taylor 

JAMES – Guy Balotine

MITCH MAISEL – Kevin Craig 

VINCE – Richard Lambert 

GLADYS – Gail Golden 

ANGELINA – Kathleen Golde 

MORRIS – Todd Benzin 

MATTHEW – Joe Demerly 

PEG – Josie DiVincenzo

RHONDA – Jennifer Fitzery 

 SHERRI – Mary Ryan 

HOLLY – Suzanne Fitzery 

THE TUSH – Joey Bucheker 

JACK -- Marc-Jon Filippone

Directed by Scott Andrew Kurchak               
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Screenplay / Produced by Gail Golden

Executive Producers Richard and Helena Maisel

Director Of Photography / Editor Matthew Nardone

Music Composed BY Jonathan Dinerstein